Summer family folklore seminar 2018: Participation conditions, Request for participation

Ana Borisova Ganeva

Assistant Professor PhD in the Department of Music of St. Cyril & St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo

Nikolai Enchev

A ballet specialist and a dancer in the National Folklore Ensemble “Filip Koutev”, Sofia


Vanya Prodanova

Her education and profession – engineer in the IT sector. Her inner calling and free time activity – working with textile and handweaving with children

 „Anna-Folkart” NGO was established on January 23rd, 2013 in Veliko Tarnovo. Its scopes of activity are culture and education.

The training in Bulgarian folklore-singing is the main education form, which the NGO successfully develops. Through its five years of existence, the folklore-singing class was attended by over 100 children, who are continuing to perform the repertoire they learned during their studies. They inherited the singing tradition not from their grandmothers, but from their folklore-singing teacher.

Since it first started, the NGO has organized two editions of the folklore music competition „Northern nightingales”, whose participants were more than 3000.

Since September 2016, the folklore-singing class exercises its activities on the territories of Dryanovo and Veliko Tarnovo Municipalities. The class carries the name „Lazara” (feminine form of Lazarus), as a symbol of the Resurrection and the faith in goodness.

Since January 2018, „Anna-Folkart” NGO has its seat located in Dryanovo.