Ana Borisova Ganeva

Assistant Professor PhD in the Department of Music of St. Cyril & St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo

Janko Stefanov

Anna-Folkart's NGO teacher in English language.


Vanya Prodanova

Her education and profession – engineer in the IT sector. Her inner calling and free time activity – working with textile and handweaving with children

The Year in a Few Highlights

During August 15th-19th, 2018, the NGO organized a Summer folklore workshop, which took a place in Pop Hariton Hotel, near Dryanovo Monastery. The participants were 13 children and adults, from 6 to 56 years old. The workshop was structured in four categories – weaving for children (conducted by Vania Prodanova), the history of Dryanovo region (by Janko Stefanov), Bulgarian folklore dances (by Nikolay Enchev), and Bulgarian folklore singing (by Ana Borisova). On August 17th, as part of the workshop’s program, a folklore dance party called Horoteka was carried out by Nikolay Enchev. Around 100 guests participated and enjoyed the entire three-hour event. The workshop went through with a great success, which is a certain confirmation for future editions.

On October 1st, 2018, a festive blessing ceremony and a concert marked the opening of the new classroom of Anna-Folkart NGO – Culture and Education, located in Dryanovo sport’s hall. A beginner’s course in English started along with the current singing classes. The English course has seven students, aged 8-10 years. The individual and group classes in Bulgarian folklore singing have more than 11 students. All the pre-scheduled student places were taken. Right after the beginning of the school year (October 19th) the students of Anna-Folkart NGO participated in a concert for Dryanovo’s annual town fair. The children preformed over 10 solo and group songs, greatly enjoyed by the locals and the town’s guests.