Bulgarian Northern Song is a phenomenon with a specific distinctive melodic line. Bulgarian Northern Songs are a kind of Folk masterpieces, leaving a deep trace in the mind of every Bulgarian! Performing the Bulgarian Northern Songs-Emblems, we reproduce them and support the process of preservation for next generations.

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The competition provides an opportunity for creative expression and promotion of Folk Song Art

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Since the establishment of Association “Anna-Folkart” – Veliko Tarnovo until now the successes our students are exceptional


Ana Borisova

Ana Borisova – a teacher of Folk Singing at “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo


 Bread is the main food of the Bulgarians, it symbolizes the food itself. For us it is sacred, that’s why we say "No one is bigger than the bread". In Bulgarian tradition it is believed that it is really big sin if somebody throws bread. In the past people lifted the bread from the earth and kissed it for forgiveness. There is no weekday or holiday if there is no bread. It is the greatest sacrifice, and together with the salt and wine composes the ritual Holy Trinity.

The wine is just as important for Bulgaria as the bread. If there is a ceremony, there must and wine.

It is interesting to know that because of their strength, only the bread and wine are not used for making spells because it is said that "Devil flees from them".

We realize their great importance because of the hundreds of songs dedicated to wine and bread.