Graduates of "Anna-Folkart" NGO

In September 2009 was created class folk singing class with the assistance of Mr. Plamen Chernev – Mayor of Suhindol Municipality, Mr. Ivaylo Otchev – Directorof High School “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Ana Borisova – Assistant Professor of Folk singing in the VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”.

As a teacher Ana made a kind of “bridge between generations” and continue the traditions of Bulgarian folklore at the time of her parallel work with students from the University and Suhindol’s children.

This special class of folk singing was unique activity in the area of Suhindol. Since its creation, so far the success of students and their teacher were exceptional. She has started her activity with ten children and at the moment she is teaching twelve children from High School “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Suhindol and nine children from Association “Anna-Folkart”, Veliko Tarnovo.


In 2012 the children participate in the National Folklore Festival in Ruse and won a second and a third prize respectively Desislava Dukova and Teodora Altanova.

From the participation the National Folklore Competition “Orfeevo izvorche” (2012) Ana Borisova’s students won the following awards:
- First Prize – Golden Lyre of Orpheus – Elizabeth Zlatkova
- Five second prizes – Silver Lyre – Alexandra Kusheva, Raya Alamurova, Mirela Stoykova, Ivalina Stoicheva and Desislava Dukova
- Twothirds awards – Bronze Lyre – Teodora Altanova and Michaela Popova
Preslava Peneva (6 years old) was chosen as the face of the competition (the most beautiful child) “Orfeevo izvorche”and will participate in all promotional materials for next year.

In March 2012 the children participated in National Folklore Festival “Dinyo Marinov”– Varna. Desislava Dukova and Theodora Altanova won special awards, Raya Alamurova and Mirela Stoykova won the second prizes.

In May 2012 the children took part in the folklore program at First National sheep fair with special program related to St. George.

Participation in the Eighth National Fair “With Mita Stoycheva’s songs”(2012) in the village of Obedinenie, jury Chairman was Prof. Todor Kirov – AMDFA of Plovdiv:
- Raya Alamurova – First Prize
- Mirela Stoykova and Elizabeth Zlatkova – Second prize
- Michaela Popova, Teodora Altanova and Teodosiya Ivanova – Third Prize
- Poliksena Moneva, Desislava Dukova and Mirela Pechinova – encouragement award.

In August 2012 representatives of Anna Borisova’s folk singing class participated in the World Championship of Folklore in the city of Sunny Beach:
- Raya Alamurova and Mirela Stoykova – First Prize;
- Desislava Dukova and Poliksena Moneva – Second Prize;
- Elizabeth Zlatkova – Third Prize.

In October 2012 Elizabeth Zlatkova participated in the National Folklore Festival “With songs of Sonia Kuncheva”, which won the Gold Medal for best performance.

On 20th of December 2012 Anna Borisova, High School “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sashka Alexandrova, Todor Todorov and other teachers organized a charity concert featuring folk class – folk music and folk dance club at school “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The funds are raised for the realization of upcoming events with the participation in 2013.


The children participated in a concert dedicated to Trifon Zarezan in the city of Suhindol – 13 February 2013.

On 4th of March 2013 was output concert of the folk singing class at school “St. Kliment Ohridski”– Suhindol.

Participation in National folklore competition – 8-9 March 2013:
- Preslava Peneva, first age group – encouragement award;
- Teodosiya Ivanova, second age group, third category – second place award for folklore singing.

At the National Folklore competition “Orfeevo izvorche”, 22-24 March 2013, the children won the following awards:
- Mirela Pechinova and Teodosiya Ivanova – first place award in third age group, third category, folklore singing;
- Preslava Peneva – encouragement award.

Easter concert was organized in the city of Suhindol on 20th April 2013.

Participation in National fair “With the songs of Mita Stoycheva”, 31 May – 1 June 2013:
- Teodosiya Ivanova, Raya Alamurova, Mirela Stoykova and Mirela Pechinova – third place award;
- Preslava Peneva – encouragement award.

From the National folklore competition “With the songs of Binka Dobreva” in village of Roza on 15th June, 2013 Raya Alamurova won first place award.

A graduation concert “Struck by the song” was held in June 2013 by students from the seventh grade of the school, who finished their course of study in class folk singing. Four of the children continued their education in schools with different specialties and one of them – Desislava Dukova continued her musical education at the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov”, Sofia.

On 27 and 28 September 2013 in Veliko Tarnovo was held the First National Folklore Competition “Severnyashki slavei” presenting songs of Boris Mashalov and Ivan Panovski. The event was organized by Association “Anna-Folkart” with Artistic Director of the Competition Ana Borisova. The event hosted about 600 participants from all over Bulgaria. The students of Ana Borisova took won the following awards:
- Raya Alamurova – first place award, third age group, first category;
- Elizabeth Zlatkova –second prize;
- Bozhidara Alamurova – third place award, folklore singing, first age group, first category;
- Desislava Dukova – third prize;
- Preslava Peneva, Esmyargyul Tosunova and Naryn Kalinov – encouragement awards.

In November 2013 the children participated in the National Folklore Festival “Pilentse pee” with songs of Nadka Karadjova in Sofia. Elizabeth Zlatkova and Raya Alamurova won Silver medals.

Ana Borisova’s students took part in the organized Christmas concerts in Veliko Tarnovo and Suhindol, which were on 10th , 17th and 20th December, 2013.

In December 2013 the children walked into the First Studio of BNR and recorded 20 solo and group folklore songs and they will take part in National and International competitions organized by BNR.


The students of vocal pedagogue Ana Borisova have just returned with six gold, three silver and four bronze medals from the National Music and Folklore Competition “Orfeevo izvorche”. The 14th edition of the forum was held in Stara Zagora in March 2014 and about 300 children from across the country competed in singing in different age groups.
A special diploma ofthiscompetition for excellent pedagogical work was given to Ana Borisova, a teacher of folk singing in the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” University. She works with classes in folk singing at the Association “Anna-Folkart” in Veliko Tarnovo and at “St. Kliment Ohridski” school in Suhindol.
Golden Lyres in the competition have been won by Raya Alamurova, Elizabeth Zlatkova, Teodosiya Ivanova, Teodora Altanova, Naryn Kalinova and Ivalina Stoycheva. Silver medals have been won by German Zlatkov, Aleksandra Kusheva and Esmyargyul Tosunova and bronze have been won by Iskra Popova,Jordanka Stoycheva, Mirela Stoykova.

More than successfully has been the participation of the talents of Ana Borisova in the Seventh National Folklore Competition in Ruse on 7 March 2014. Their performance was highly appreciated by the President the jury Sashka Tchenkova, a long-time chairwoman of The National School for Folklore Arts “Philip Kutev” in Kotel. The class of folk singing has impressed the jury with an extremely well-chosen repertoire for the competition and also with their special stage presence.
First prizes in the singing competition have been won by Aleksandra Kusheva and Raya Alamurova. Second came out Ivalina Stoicheva and encouraging prizes received Preslava Peneva, Jordanka Stoycheva, Naryn Kalinova, Esmyargyul Tosunova, German Zlatkov, Lusiena Kusheva, Teodora Altanova, Teodosiya Ivanova and Mirela Stoykova.

The students of Ana Borisova received the following awards on the National folklore competition “Singing from the Northwest” 2014, which took place in the city of Montana in the period 11-12 April 2014:
- Raya Alamurova – first place award, second age group;
- Aleksandra Kusheva and Elizabeth Zlatkova – second place award, third age group;
- Teodosiya Ivanova – third place award.

In the eve of the Easter celebrations in the following year of 2014, the Bulgarian National Radio aired the first recordings of the talented young folklore singers Ana Borisova of Association “Anna-Folkart”, city of Veliko Tarnovo and “St. Climent Ohridski” high school, city of Suhindol.

On 17 April 2014 the students of Ana Borisova and the dance ensemble of “St. Climent Ohridski” high school, Suhindol with teacher Mr. Nikola Lichev performed a folklore concert named “Easter’s coming” in the city of Suhindol.

On 1st June 2014 in the village of Obedinenie, Polski Trumbesh Municipality was held jubilee edition of the National Folk Festival “Avliga pee”. A chairman of the jury was Prof. Dr. Todor Kirov from Academy of Music Plovdiv.
Nineteen students from the “Anna-Folkart” Association Veliko Tarnovo and High school “St. Kliment Ohridski”, city of Suhindol with their vocal pedagogue Ana Borisova won 19 awards:
- Elizabeth Zlatkova and Ivalina Stoycheva – first prize;
- Mirela Stoykova, Esmyargyul Tosuniva, Aleksandra Kusheva, Jordanka Stoycheva – second prize;
- Raya Alamurova, Teodora Altanova, Viktoriya and German Zlatkovi, Denis Jordanova, Niya Kisiova and Bojidara Alamurova – third prize;
- Nikoleta Zlatanova, Preslava Peneva, Vivian Kisiova, Lusiena Kusheva, Naryn Kalinova and Iskra Popova – encouraging awards.

On 18th June 2014 Ana Borisova’s students filmed a video on “Severnyashka kitka”, folklore song. In the video participated Raya Alamurova, Mirela Stoykova, Elizabeth Zlatkova, Desislava Dukova, Teodora Altanova, Mirela Pechinova, Viktoriya Zlatkova, who are from the Association “Anna-Folkart” Veliko Tarnovo and high school “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Suhindol. Photos were accomplished by the team of National Folklore TV “Folklore TV” directed by Lyubka Borisova. The premiere of the song will be seen in July on “Folklore TV”. 

From 19th to 22nd September 2014 in Suhindol was held The Second International Competition Festival – singing, outplaying and dancing “Severnyaski slavei”, organized by the Association “Anna Folkart”. Children from Suhindol presented as a kind host for second time. The event hosted about 900 participants from all over Bulgaria, as well as guests from Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine. Graduates of Ana Borisova took the following awards:
- Alexandra Kusheva and Ivalina Stoicheva – first prize in the second age group;
- German Zlatkov and Nia Kisyova – third prize in the second age group;
- Elizabeth Zlatkova and Raya Alamurova – first prize in third age group;
- Theodosia Ivanova and Mirela Stoykova – secondd prize, third age group;
- Bozhidara Alamurova – prize for the youngest participant;
- Denis Yordanova, Mirela Pechinova, Victoria Zlatkova, Theodora Altanova – encouraging awards.